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Common Sense America with Eden Hill & #NRB Convention Authors for 2023.

https://youtu.be/R9bcTzMS_5I The anchor of our country is the family. Laine Lawson Craft talks about her new book, "The Parent's Battle Plan." Laine Lawson Craft https://youtu.be/0smtUAi-cRs Our mental health diets with mental health expert, author, and podcaster,...

Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Energy Policy Expert Tirzah Duren. America’s families, winter, ‘Energy Independent America’; Truck Drivers and our privacy.

https://youtu.be/skPRfxF7pRA Tirzah Duren is an American Consumer Institute policy analyst and will speak about "Only one in three Americans support the Biden energy policy of putting America last." & "Winter is coming, prices are rising, and most voters say:...

Common Sense America with Eden Hill talks about our Constitutional rights under the Biden Administration, Moms for America, and the new Republican Congress.

https://rumble.com/embed/v1wswpo/?pub=16bk4u Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Townhall.com Contributor, Author of 'The Authoritarians', and Constitutional Law Attorney joined the 'Common Sense America' kitchen table discussion regarding the future of our constitutional...

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