Common Sense America with Eden Hill talks about our Constitutional rights under the Biden Administration, Moms for America, and the new Republican Congress.

by | Dec 7, 2022

Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Contributor, Author of ‘The Authoritarians’, and Constitutional Law Attorney joined the ‘Common Sense America’ kitchen table discussion regarding the future of our constitutional rights under the OBiden dictatorship, the new Republican Congress, and their ability under the authoritarian dictatorship. article:

Juleen Jackson, the Senior Instructor and Advisor at Cottage Meetings with Moms for America talks about the power of our founding fathers and mothers, the kitchen table influence, and the power of faith leading the next generation. Join Juleen and the Cottage Webinar Meetings. “Through inspiring stories, personal experiences, and relatable examples, Cottage Meeting presentations present the principles of liberty in a powerful, engaging way that resonates with moms and directly relates to your home and family.”

Moms for America:

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