Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Energy Policy Expert Tirzah Duren. America’s families, winter, ‘Energy Independent America’; Truck Drivers and our privacy.

by | Dec 15, 2022

Tirzah Duren is an American Consumer Institute policy analyst and will speak about “Only one in three Americans support the Biden energy policy of putting America last.” & “Winter is coming, prices are rising, and most voters say: Unleash American energy now.”

“Overall inflation is at 7.1%, with energy prices at 13.1%. Energy inflation is down from previous months, but still represents a price burden as families head into the winter season. With a split Congress following the mid-term elections, lawmakers should use energy prices as an opportunity to pursue a pragmatic, non-political solution to the burden facing America families. ” Cited from The American Consumer article.

Leslie Corbly, a Young Voices Contributor, will speak about her latest article about Truckers being tracked. She is a Privacy Policy analyst for Libertas. Read more:

“Yet again, the public is being asked to trade privacy for safety. This time, truckers are in the midst of the controversy, sparked by a proposed rule creating a digital tracking system for commercial truckers that may further stress the nation’s already weak supply chains.”

Leslie also breaks down simple tools for Americans to protect their privacy that continues to be taken from tracking devices, social media companies, cell phone services, and search engines.

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