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Common Sense America with Eden Hill – #MLKDay Remembered with Project 21 Ambassadors Barbara from Harlem and Donna Jackson, Director of Membership Development.

Donna Jackson: The director of membership development for the Project 21 black leadership network. "In so many ways, plentiful and affordable domestic energy is part of the ticket out of poverty and dependence." https://youtu.be/4HRVyy8r3jQ "In so many ways, plentiful...

Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Energy Policy Expert Tirzah Duren. America’s families, winter, ‘Energy Independent America’; Truck Drivers and our privacy.

https://youtu.be/skPRfxF7pRA Tirzah Duren is an American Consumer Institute policy analyst and will speak about "Only one in three Americans support the Biden energy policy of putting America last." & "Winter is coming, prices are rising, and most voters say:...

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