Thursday, October 27, 2022 — Common Sense America with Eden Hill and ‘Money Talk with Melanie,’ Host Melanie Collette; Able Americans Senior Advisor, Melissa Ortiz.

by | Oct 27, 2022

#CommonSenseAmerica today!! Coffee Talk with two amazing Women of Faith and powerful Leaders.

MoneyTalk with Melanie on 98.7 The Coast, My Dear Jersey Girlfriend, joined today’s show. Literally talking about coffee, the cost of coffee, and how to save money as businesses begin to cut back. What’s in store for small-town America?

Make sure to watch Melanie’s show on 98.7 The Coast & follower her @NJGOPDiva on Twitter.

Also, a powerful #NEW guest to the show, Melissa Ortiz with Able Americans, shared her mighty testimony of faith and being a powerful voice for the disabled. 61 MILLION adults in the US have some disability. Make sure to connect with Melissa on IG and Twitter @DCBelleonWheels.

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