Thursday, October 13, 2022 — Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Situational Awareness Expert, Brian Searcy.

by | Oct 13, 2022

Common Sense America with Eden Hill hosts Brian “Patton” Searcy, Col (Ret) USAF, Author of ‘Prepare for the New World’.

Brian Searcy, a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, is the founder and CEO of The Paratus Group, where he uses his decades-tested and decorated senior leadership and military training experiences to solve the need for relevant and effective principles in situational awareness and leadership.

A #1 Selling Best Author in 3 major categories on Amazon with
his book “Prepare for the Real World – The World is Not a Safe Place”, he provides training methodologies and programs for the learning of situational awareness and your 10 Critical Skills.

His vision is to “Redefine How Safety is Learned” to make schools, churches, the workplace, and our communities as safe as possible. His revolutionary training programs on situational awareness empowers the learning of situational awareness so that we all can be the true first responders. When you learn this critical skill, parents, our kids and families, the members of your church and business are “prepared to survive.”

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