Press Release: Homegrown North Carolina band, Fern and Tiff, talk broken families, the fatherless and “Fade Away”.

by | Aug 22, 2022

“Sometimes things are just hard, for everyone and we all have a tendency to pretend we are ok when we’re not. You’re not alone in that struggle.”

An alternative Christian band, Indie Recording Artists Fernando Rivera and Tiffany Elaine, “Fern and Tiff”, based in North Carolina are on a mission to bring their compelling lyrics and soulful journeys to the music stage. 

The influence behind their music brings healing, hope, and honesty to their audience. Produced by TeraNote Records in Morehead City, North Carolina, Fern and Tiff talk about their broken families, their fatherless community, abandonment, depression, and their song “Fade Away”. Fern and Tiff’s heart of their music and mission is to provide connection, community, and a deeper faith in life’s journey.

Tiff Elaine stated…”I came from a fatherless family, when I was six months of age my father left. There were many weekends I wanted to see a father who never showed up. One of my greatest desires was to raise a family that was not broken. For many years I dealt with abandonment, loneliness, and depression. The healing on the journey came, but it wasn’t until years later did I find my healing in Jesus, my music, and my trust.”

Fade Away

I’m so sick of pretending that everyday I’m ok.
Each and every day I’m reminded of all my pain.
Looking at my life how did I even get here?
I pray I’ll find my way.

I don’t want to fade away. I don’t want to slip away.
I just need to know that tomorrow’s gonna be okay.
I don’t want to fade away dreaming of yesterday.
I just need to know that tomorrow’s gonna be okay.
Be okay

Everyday I wonder how it got this way
As a little girl I never dreamed life would be this way
People tell me that everything’s going to be okay.
I can’t wait til I see that day.

Tiff Elaine concluded…”Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Our music inspires by the naturality for us in our journeys to have ups and downs in life and from day to day our perspective can change. Our music brings Jesus and the healing balm to the souls of many who have felt disconnected. We provide an outlet, a safe haven in our music.”

With the outstanding professional talents of Fern and Tiff, both accomplished recording artists and members of CMA and BMA songwriters, this fall 2022 tour brings what Fern states..”Music, family, and God are what keeps me going and I’d love to share that with the world”.

For additional performance and tour information, please visit the Fern and Tiff website for news, updates, events, and a sneak peek at the new music unveil for 2023. 

Meet the Band: 

Meet Fern: Coming out of Beaufort, North Carolina, recording artist Fernando Rivera (Fern) has performed all across NC, from Black Mountain to Wilmington, and from Mum Fest to the Seafood Festival. Fern has written and released two singles titled Waves and I Know in collaboration with Tiffany Elaine (Tiff), both of which were recorded at TeraNote Records in Morehead City, North Carolina. With musical inspirations from Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, and Thirty Seconds to Mars, Fern aspires to use his unique lyrically driven acoustic alternative pop style to bring a little positivity to the masses with hopeful but relatable words. “At the end of the day, I just want to help people and I believe music is my opportunity to do that,” says Fern. “Music, family, and God are what keeps me going and I’d love to share that with the world”.
Meet Tiff: Tiffany Elaine is an accomplished recording artist based in Beaufort, NC. Tiffany has recorded in Nashville as well as at TeraNote Records in eastern NC. Tiffany’s vocal talent is apparent with her Debut single “Couldn’t You See,” produced in Nashville by Stokes Nielson of Billboard acclaimed “The Lost Trailers. Tiffany is a BMI songwriter and CMA member. Tiffany Elaine performs both acoustically and with her band throughout North Carolina as well as Nashville and has played notable venues such as “The Whiskey Bent Saloon” in Nashville Tennessee, Mum Fest, Carolina Lily Fest, and The Brooklyn Arts Center. Tiffany has had several TV and radio appearances. Beginning as a solo artist, Tiffany joined fellow singer/songwriter Fernando Rivera in 2018 and formed the band Now or Never. With the addition of bassist Casper Luna in 2019, the band expanded and became known as Fern and Tiff.

Meet Casper: 
Casper Luna is a musician, songwriter, composer, and author, living in Eastern North Carolina. A 20-year veteran in the world of music, Casper Luna has written and worked on musical projects across various genres, including Rock, Metal, Industrial, Electronica, and Alternative. Never ceasing, the driving force behind Casper Luna’s musical ambitions is the need to create art, for the sake of art itself, in any and all of its mediums and forms.

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