Change and Transitions, the Holiday Season

by | Nov 10, 2021

Find the calm in the storms of life with this heartwarming devotional and business travel best seller, Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim written by author Lynda Rozell, also known as the Tin Can Pilgrim. Her travels by faith can be also referenced in the 2021 Oscar-winning film Nomadland, with her lifestyle as a full-time nomad in her Airstream RV.  This book talks about healing as her trailblazing journeywoman of God finds peace through many storms of life. 

Today, you will find Rozell driving her Airstream across the United States as her book and life is featured on the national stage. Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim has topped the best-selling ratings on Amazon in #4 Business Travel Reference, #6 Travel Tips, and #9 Solo Travel

Rozell outlines her featured opinion article which is featured in her most recent blog, Changes and Transitions, speaking to the upcoming holiday season and the personal community she has built through her nomadic journey in her Airstream.

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