Brett Oubre, CEO, speaker, and author recognizes the everyday heroes

by | Jun 20, 2022

Brett Oubre, CEO, of six top-performing auto dealerships, in Southeast U.S., recognizes the leaders, teachers, mentors, and fathers who exhibit the way forward.

Tell your children what they need to hear, that’s the true test of love.”

Brett Oubre

Brett Oubre, the CEO of the six top-performing auto dealerships in the Southeast United States, wants to recognize the leaders, the teachers, the mentors, and the fathers who exhibit the way forward for everyday people and their future tomorrows.

Endorsed by John Maxwell, a well-known leadership expert, Brett Oubre is a speaker, mentor, and author of a new book 12- Steps to Boundaryless Success to launch in Fall 2022. He is a self-taught leader instilling, exhibiting, and advocating for the way forward. Oubre, surviving a private plane crash, a brain tumor, and paralysis, brings his story of hope found in his new book, on the principles of faith and true patriotism with his “Made in America” brand from humble beginnings to being fully equipped and leaving a footprint of impact on this world. 

Brett Oubre stated… “I am a father first. Tell your children what they need to hear, that’s the true test of love. As we all faced the uncertainty of the pandemic and today’s ongoing news headlines, the culture of our future is raised on shaking the bottle, taking a pill, a microwave pulse of instant gratification with an iPhone Blue Light addition which society teaches success equals arrogance. My failures taught me more…” 

Oubre has overcome the odds and remembers a much simpler time in our nation from mowing the grass as a kid to being raised as a Pastor’s kid. Today, he leads from within, looking out for his employees no matter the cost, as he is the CEO of the top 6 auto dealerships in the Southeast United States. He leads, speaks, mentors, and guides through tragedy and opportunity. 

Brett Oubre concluded…”We the father, the mother, the grandparent, aunt, and uncle, no matter the cost must ReImagine a 360-degree of ourselves, Painting a New Picture, Finding the Passion, Tapping into the Energy that comes from living your passion… with a new way forward.”

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