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Women of Influence – Moms Against CRT

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As A MOM, Elizabeth Schultz, Juleen Jackson, Ramona Bessinger, Barbara from Harlem, and Patti Hidalgo Menders are joining forces from the streets of Harlem to the public schools of Providence, Rhode Island, and the ongoing Loudoun County and Fairfax County Schoolboards to fight the government schools who are threatening the lives of America’s children with the CRT curriculum.

These five powerful women are coming together to speak to the nation of Moms, Dads, families, school boards, parents, teachers, guardians, and the like who are seeking to fight against the CRT curriculum and to provide solutions, sources, and opportunities for freedom of speech, not being censored by the school boards seeking to destroy the very fiber of America’s being, the children.

About Elizabeth Schultz:

Elizabeth Schultz has served as a Senior Fellow for Parents Defending Education, as the U.S. Department of Education’s Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology, and was twice elected to serve on the Fairfax County School Board, the nation’s 10th largest school system. Elizabeth is an education and public policy expert and former senior contracts and negotiation manager with 25+ years of experience in the areas of asset management, information technology, and global and K-12 education. She is the mother of four sons, who range from college graduate to middle school. Currently, Elizabeth is working to roll out a forthcoming national initiative to inspire and empower moms to engage with or run for their local school board, connect them with the training and mentoring resources needed to win and govern, to take back our school boards for good; the new effort will be under the umbrella of Moms For America Action.

“This is Not Education. -it is indoctrination. School Boards in Fairfax & beyond: STOP targeting CRT, sexualized, & politicized content to little children; lying to parents that you’re not doing it; & pressing employees into professional development to make them complicit.”


About Juleen Jackson

Juleen Jackson is the mother of seven children, two of whom were lost in infancy. Juleen has actively served her community everywhere she’s lived. She’s served as Vice President for the DC Chapter of American Mothers, the President of the United Women’s Forum, supporting her husband, Al’s service in the Utah State Senate, and her son, Frank’s path to the NBA. Juleen is a Certified Instructor for the Thomas Jefferson Center, oversees the Moms for America Cottage Meetings virtually to thousands of moms annually.

Juleen is an inspiring speaker and teacher bringing the constitution and principles of liberty to life in the homes and hearts of mothers across the nation to strengthen families and inspire civic action. Juleen and her family live in the Washington D.C. metro area and love being surrounded by the beauty and history of our nation’s capital.

About Ramona Bessinger:

Ramona Bessinger is a teacher with 22 years experience, a concerned patriot and mother, Ramona has joined millions of Americans in the fight to end the authoritarian takeover of our public schools.  

Ramona’s first and most important concern is for the children, who are not being properly served by a highly race-focused education that distorts history and our society. She believes we owe it to the children not to stereotype them, shame them, or teach them to hate others based on skin color.

Certified in English Literature and World Languages, Ramona brings a grassroots authentic message straight from the classroom for all to see.  

“Our children are being weaponized, they are being indoctrinated and abused by political groups intent on erasing American history and culture.  The time is now to speak out and share the truth about critical race theory and the subsequent abuse of minor children across the country.”

About Barbara from Harlem:

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a betrayal of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK). MLK believed that people should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.” “As Americans, we must stand up to the teachers’ union (and others) who want to indoctrinate our precious children and label them racists or oppressors, just because of the color of their skin. NO child is born a racist.”
“Critical Race Theory is the attempt to push Marxism in this country; however, instead of using class, they are using race.”
And, as Barbara stated in Concord, NH, at an event sponsored by the New Hampshire Asian American Coalition,  “Critical Race Theory is Crazy Radical Trash.”

About Patti Hidalgo Menders:

President of the largest Republican Women’s Club in Virginia, Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club; Director of the Loudoun Conservatives Care state PAC; Virginia State Strategist for Majority Strategies and most importantly Loudoun Mom of Six Sons and Loudoun Activist to protect children from CRT.

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