Eden Gordon Hill, host of the “All-American Book Club” on DC’s WMAL.com, releases her must-read book list for the Summer of 2024.

WMAL’s All American Book Club weekend hostEden Gordon Hill,  a pro-America advocate, making her mark in the national news media and the speaking industry. With her expertise, passion for service, and exceptional communication skills honed on Capitol Hill and through her tenure as a political appointee in the Trump Administration, Gordon Hill is gearing up for the 2024 Election with powerful new book authors inspiring a new generation of conservative voices.

This patriotic Summer, discover new authors, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and dive into the rich tapestry of our nation’s stories. Whether you are a bookworm or a casual reader, this show is a haven for everyone, from children to young professionals, from everyday Americans looking for inspiration in times such as this to those making history themselves in the halls of the U.S. Capitol. 

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June 2024 Featured Books:

America’s Last Stand by Drew Allen: “From one of America’s rising conservative stars comes a brutally honest account of the historic failures of the Biden administration and the most critical and urgent arguments for reclaiming American independence from our tyrannical captors in 2024…before it’s too late. In America’s Last Stand, Drew Thomas Allen masterfully lays out the real and severe stakes of the 2024 presidential election. Americans have experienced for themselves life under both the Biden presidency and the Trump presidency. Americans should ask themselves a simple question: Were you better off under the Trump presidency or the Biden presidency? America’s Last Stand is the definitive voting guide for the 2024 presidential election—the most important book in America. Every American should read it before casting their vote.”

Chloe: Book One of Chloe’s People: A Novel by Cheryl Chumley, a new fiction published by Fidelis Publishing. “So began a strange chain of events following Chloe into adulthood as she traveled down dark roads and strayed into shadowy spots, searching for what she knew not in her childhood and so had no idea how to identify and obtain in her maturing years—the grace, love and acceptance of God. But can she leave the darkness for the light? It’s a question all sinners must wrestle with and in the end, the only real answer is this: God does indeed work in mysterious ways.”

Glad You’re Here: Two Unlikely Friends Breaking Bread and Fences by Walker Hayes and Craig Cooper “When Craig Cooper and Walker Hayes met, Walker was an alcoholic atheist reeling from the backlash of a failed music career. Through their unlikely friendship, Craig’s life demonstrated the love of Christ in a way that shattered Walker’s misconceptions of Christianity, ultimately leading him down the path to a dramatic conversion. The two are now close as brothers, choosing to be next-door neighbors and ripped out the fence between their homes as a testament to the power of the gospel to break down barriers and unite people together in Christ. Glad You’re Here helps us discover how building relationships, sacrificing for the good of others, and drawing near in times of need can lead to powerful transformation. Through story and biblical reflections, Glad You’re Here helps readers see how God works in the everyday lives of those who love him.”

Double Take, by Lynette Eason. “With over forty books published, USA Today bestselling author Lynette Eason has become well known for her adrenaline-laced suspense novels. In her newest work, Double Take, Eason catapults readers into her Lake City Heroes series. Filled with danger, mystery, and the perfect touch of romance, this chilling novel will have fans racing through the pages as they try to outrun a dangerous killer.”

Salt, Light, and Kids: Parenting Well in Today’s Culture, by Steve Hines. “A guide for parents on how to raise a Godly next generation in the wake of modern technology, drug and alcohol crises, misconceptions about marriage and adolescent relationships, and many other social issues pressing on our youth. Hines is anauthor, entrepreneur, father, and grandfather who has an important and timelymessage and solution for helping parents navigate the intense cultural influences facing children today. His book helps guide parents in the difficult task of training up children to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world, and clearly hear God’s voice throughout the journey with a Biblical foundation.”

Revolutionary Readers for America’s 250th, by Jane Hampton Cook. “A set of five children’s books about the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and patriotic songs that are as American as apple pie!” The purpose of Revolutionary Readers for America’s 250this to give young children an opportunity to learn about their nation in the years leading up to America’s 250th birthday in 2026. The goal is to bring uplifting, patriotic, and historical content to young readers so that they may grow to love America and know America’s history. Through narration and inspiring images, readers can discover America’s flag, the pledge of allegiance, the virtues behind the flag, and the lyrics of patriotic songs, such as America the Beautiful and the children’s hymn, My Country ’Tis of Thee.

The Delusion, by Laura Gallier “A three-book, paranormal thriller series targeted towards young adults. It covers topics such as spiritual warfare, teen suicide, sexual immorality, drug abuse, and other social issues in an engaging manner and analyzes their destructive effects on teens and society today. Gallier is the author of the Christy Award award-winning novel series, The Delusion, available on Wander, a YA imprint of Tyndale House Publishers.

About Eden Gordon Hill 

Eden Gordon Hill is a veteran’s spouse, radio host, business owner, and former candidate for North Carolina’s 13th District State House of Representatives, Gordon Hill has an impressive network of strategic communications opportunities, traditional media outlets, and speaking engagements that she uses to promote her client books, speakers, and unique features. 

As the only female weekend host of WMAL’s “All American Book Club” show, Gordon Hill provides a forum to discuss relevant topics such as the next generationveterans affairs, healthcare, Capitol Hill and the White House, and Presidential history

Originally from Chester County, Pennsylvania, Gordon Hill resides in North Carolina with her husband, a retired United States Army veteran. Her commitment to promoting positive change and America First’s strong principles is evident through her hard work in the public arena. 

For more information about Eden Gordon Hill, please visit edengordonmedia.com.

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