Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Season of Giving Back — Featured Faith Organizations from New York to North Carolina.

by | Dec 1, 2022

Common Sense America with Eden Hill speaks to the Season of Giving Back. The Bowery Mission, 150 years of service to the New York City Homeless. James Macklin graduated in 1987 from the Bowery Mission and served 30 years as the spokesperson. James’ testimony reminds us that lifting one another up is faith and what we as a community need to do. #givingbacktothecommunity

Please consider donating and praying for the @BoweryMission. Visit

Melony Tygart is the Assistant Center Director for the Coastal Carolina Center for Women’s Ministries.

She shares her work for the Eastern North Carolina women’s center, which focuses on ‘mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.’ #GivingBack #NorthCarolina #Giving365 #MilitarySpouses #EasternNorthCarolina

Please visit their website and consider donating to a beacon of hope for Eastern North Carolina.

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