Common Sense America Leadership Feature

by | May 22, 2023

CEO|Speaker|Leader Brett Oubre discusses success in any economic, political, or business climate, leadership crisis, and getting unstuck.

Common Sense America with Eden Hill & CEO|Speaker|Leader| Brett Oubre.

#NEW Book “12 Steps to Boundaryless Success” out late summer, author Brett Oubre will speak about leadership, mentorship, and forward-thinking.

He will also speak about his mentor, John Maxwell, and overcoming life’s greatest adversities.

Brett Oubre stated… “My failures taught me more. As we all face the uncertainty in this post-pandemic world and today’s ongoing news headlines, the culture of our future is raised on shaking the bottle, taking a pill, a microwave pulse of instant gratification with an iPhone Blue Light addition which society teaches success equals arrogance. Instead, let’s overcome the odds by mentoring, leading, and teaching the next generation of future business leaders the way forward.”

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