Even After Valentine’s Day: Fight For Our Marriage

Even After Valentine’s Day: Fight For Our Marriage


According to Christian legend, St. Valentine was a priest who lived during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius the Second. Despite the emperor’s edict prohibiting the Christian marriage of young people, Valentine married couples in secret.  Valentine was imprisoned and tortured for violating the edict.  Beaten, stoned and finally decapitated, St. Valentine is remembered as a martyr for Christian matrimony because he practiced his faith even to the point of death in defiance of the state’s order.

The secular persecution of those who defend Christian marriage continues today.  In America, those who defend Christian marriage are attacked legally and silenced politically by powerful secular forces.  Even the simple act of writing and singing pro-life, pro-marriage songs is a brave act of defiance which can trigger secular persecution.

Meet Joyce Im Bartholomew, a conservative Christian singer and YouTube Recording artist from Naples, Florida.  Her highly popular, but politically incorrect, music videos “What Was Your Name” and “Fight For Our Marriage” were subjected to censorship of one form or another by YouTube and its parent company Google.  

Joyce Bartholomew’s pro-life video “What Was Your Name” was actually removed from YouTube and replaced with a defamatory message which falsely accused her of violating YouTube’s terms of service.  Her resulting lawsuit has been highlighted by Forbes and Drudge.  Subsequently, her ad words campaign for “Fight For Our Marriage” was blocked by Google until her lawyer threatened a religious discrimination lawsuit.  That wildly popular video has now had over seven million views.

Bartholomew is taking on the politically incorrect extremism in our culture with her “not so politically correct” message of marriage this Valentine’s Day. “Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, let’s serve one another in Christ and “Fight For Our Marriage” for those who are married and want to keep it sacred.”

Bartholomew concluded. “Our nation is at a very crucial time in our culture and the most powerful thing we can do, especially with millions of Christians across the nation, is to unite together and unite for Christ. We can wake up the “sleeping giant” so that we will not be ignored any longer. In fact, we can be a huge force for God’s kingdom if we all come together and stand for whatever God stands for.”

The lyrics of her song “Fight For Our Marriage” chronicle the development and deepening of the marital bond from fairytale beginnings through the war of raising teenage children and the onslaught couples weather over time.   The song reaffirms the unbreakable vow of faith between man woman and sealed by God that is marriage.

The good news is YouTube is allowing Bartholomew’s song to play for now.  Enjoy.

Fight For Our Marriage