The politics of Motherhood; what our nation’s Mothers face with health care law changes. Solidarity HealthShare transparent method for helping low-income mothers with health needs.

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December 2017
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(Washington, D.C.) America’s Moms are coming to the forefront to speak out against Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act has crippled the American family. It’s creating additional financial stress on the already restricted budgets for the middle working class and low-income mothers. Solidarity HealthShare is meeting with Congressional officials today, December 13 and Thursday, December 14, 2017 to educate Congress about health shares, price transparency and conscience protection for our nation’s household.
Solidarity Healthshare is concerned about the welfare of our nation’s mothers, single mother’s, and the working class poor. “Americans that have been swallowed by the financial crisis of the Affordable Care Act,Solidarity HealthShare comes alongside of the middle class working Americans to offer a solution to rising health care costs…” stated Bradley Hahn, CEO

The Hill quoted Sen. John Barrasso “Families ought to be able to make decisions about what they want to buy and what works for them –not the government,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) “I believe if people don’t want to buy the Obamacare insurance, they shouldn’t have to pay a tax penalty to the IRS.”

Today, families worry about the increased cost of health insurance. Most working middle-class families need multiple forms of employment to pay for health insurance. Solidarity HealthShare comes along side of their members and intercedes with providers and hospitals for repricing. Solidarity Healthshare advocates on their members’ behalf and decreases the medical costs by their repricing.

As we are focused on our families this Christmas season, Solidarity HealthShare is featuring their Stories of Hope, Moms of Solidarity with Kellie Soper. Her story was devastating and heartbreaking, but what Solidarity HealthShare provided for Kellie and her family was a health share community, peace of mind, stress-free environment and the choice of their own doctors.

“A Mother’s role is to put her family at the forefront of the care of their families. Solidarity puts family first. It’s a sense of peace to never have to hear in network or out network again.”  stated Kellie Soper, Moms of Solidarity

The Soper family’s daughter Lily passed away before she was born at 42 weeks. Lily was born sleeping. Eight months after their daughters birth the billing from the insurance companies was more than $6,000. The Soper’s insurance company at the time of the loss gave up on the Soper Family because they didn’t want to cover the high costs of the loss of their child.

Solidarity Healthshare’s quality care is recognized for their transparent pricing and referenced base pricing, to keep the medical cost low. Solidarity continues to focus their attention on helping America’s Moms, mental health, single families, the working middle class and low-income families.

About CEO, Brad Hahn – Bradley Hahn is a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity HealthShare as a means for Catholic Americans to have an ethical and affordable way to pay for medical care costs. Bradley is a Phoenix-based attorney who regularly consults on end-of-life issues as they relate to Catholic social doctrine. He assists in a variety of Arizona Catholic charities, including the Catholic Community Foundation for the Diocese of Phoenix. He speaks at churches and conferences throughout the U.S. on religious liberty, conscience issues as they relate to health care, and other bioethical decision-making issues important to the Catholic faith. Bradley is a member of the Arizona State Bar, the Canon Law Society of America, the Catholic Medical Association, and is an Allied Attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom.

About COO, Chris Faddis – Chris Faddis is the founder of Solidarity HealthShare. He is also a nationally known Catholic speaker, author, and entrepreneur. In 2012, Chris lost his first wife to colon cancer. Their story is told in his memoir, It is Well: Life in the Storm, where he details his wife’s battle with cancer and what it means to respond to human suffering with faith. Chris’ story led him to embark on a journey to create sustainable business models to serve the healthcare needs of everyday families and the chronically ill. In 2015, he launched Bene Plates, which is described as a “food revolution” for the terminally or chronically ill. Bene Plates provides nutrient-rich meals to patients across the country, delivering fully prepared food right to their front doors. Before founding Solidarity in 2012, Chris had a diverse background in youth ministry, marketing, and business development. His career includes several years as a marketing and social media consultant to non-profit organizations, film studios, businesses, and Catholic ministries. Chris often shares his story, along with offering insight to healthcare and end-of-life issues, as a regular guest on television and radio programs.