“Something I remember most about that time was the story Holly told a few days later when we finally got to be with her. She calmly, candidly walked through each event the night of the attack. She was wearing khaki shorts and Birkenstock clog sandals—the kind that just slip on your feet, no straps. Following the attack, Ramirez left her for dead. She remembers the sensation of being covered up with leaves. The next thing she remembers is pounding on the front door of a house asking for help. She was bloodied, battered and barely lucid—the guy answered the door, called the police and tried to keep her from passing out before EMS could arrive. The house she ran to was at least two football fields away from the attack site. She had to cross two sets of railroad tracks, gravel, dirt glass, debris, etc. When she arrived at the house to beg for help she had no shoes on. There was not one scratch, one bruise, any dirt, etc. on her feet. She said, “I know God was with me. I know Chris was with me. I know an angel carried me to that house, and that’s why I’m still here.” I will never forget that moment—at a time when you could be so angry and question faith, she found the beauty and resolve in it instead. She renewed my faith and my relationship with God as well. We can’t do this life alone. We have to keep faith.” Lottie C. Stockwell (friend of Holly K. Dunn)