For Immediate Release
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Contact: Eden Gordon Media

(Philadelphia, PA) After 28 years of service, Retired Marine Sergeant Major Marty Kenny found his new Mission and Purpose by creating The Weekly Fight. The Weekly Fight is a registered 501c3 non-profit company whose mission is: “To forge a bond between Veterans and the community to maximize their civilian potential.”

The Weekly Fight was founded when one of SgtMaj. Kenny’s Marines committed suicide after an invisible battle with PTSD. Two years after The Weekly Fight’s inception, their mission is to forge a bond between Veterans and the community to maximize their civilian potential, SgtMaj’s vision of turning Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth has come to life.

Stars and Stripes cited in June 2018 of this year, “The VA has now revealed the average daily number of veteran suicides has always included deaths of active-duty service members and members of the National Guard and Reserve, not just veterans.” As our nation continues to face these deep wounds of war, the 20 that commit suicide per day is The Weekly Fight’s daily battle to combat the visible and invisible wounds of war.

Kenny stated…”I have now lost more Marines to suicide than from combat. I believed something needed to be done for our veteran community. We don’t talk about suicide before it happens and we don’t provide solutions to this problem. My biggest push is trying to get our veterans out of post-traumatic stress disorder mindset. When we come together at The Weekly Fight, we are regaining that sense of camaraderie … it opens these veterans up to begin sharing and talking, it brings them together, and it brings the veterans families together. As The Weekly Fight opens up its fifth chapter in the northeast region of the country, this Veterans Day, we lead the fight for our veterans to overcome the violent struggle and have post-traumatic growth.”

The Weekly Fight currently hosts weekly workouts free to Veterans, first responders, and their family members in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Northern Virginia. The Weekly Fight is now serving our nation’s veterans in five locations including Frazer, Oxford, Lancaster, Manayunk, and Wilmington Delaware. The Weekly Fight is adding least two additional locations before the end of 2018.