(Washington, D.C.) You Tube Recording artist, Joyce Im Bartholomew’s album, Songs From the Deep, highlights the song titled Fight For Our Marriage has more than 7 Million views on YouTube. Joyce shares her message for those who are newly married, marriages of many years and marriages facing the challenges of life, is to encourage Christians and all people to fight for their marriages. “I want to focus on rebuilding the broken marriages through the power of Christ….”

Bartholomew stated…”They say that “nothing good comes easy”.  I agree completely with that statement, even pertaining to marriage today. In a generation where marriage is not valued or respected much anymore, I want to take a stand for the Biblical view of marriage between a man and a woman….”

In a time where our culture wants “microwave” answers to difficult problems, I encourage people to fight for their marriages instead of walking out on each other both emotionally and physically. I have never met a marriage that did not have extraordinary trials, but I did meet extraordinarily-committed people. I have been on the darkest side within my own marriage several times, and I thought I could not go on either. But, I have grown up in the church, taught Sunday School to elementary children, led Bible studies for my female peers, sang on every worship team and more, and I know what the Bible says about divorce and how much God hates it. I made a promise before God, and I don’t break my promises, even if it hurts me…during the darkest time I turned to God and read the Bible for direction.”

Bartholomew continued…”I made a promise to my husband before God that I would cherish our marriage “till death do us part”, through the good times and the bad.  I read many books written by Christian authors about marriage and my heart began to soften about my unforgiveness and pride toward my husband. My husband and I watched Fireproof together and I wept like a baby because I also wanted a restored marriage like theirs. God began changing my husband’s heart and attitude towards me too….”

Bartholomew concluded..”The Holy Spirit convicted my heart deeply about my attitude. This all began with humbling myself before God, repenting of my unforgiveness and pride, and asking God to restore our marriage. It took a very long time to heal our marriage, but when you cross over to the other side, out of the fog and ugliness, you have a testimony to share with the world that glorifies our Maker. I encourage all of you not to give up either, because God is the God of the impossible and you will not believe how much stronger and more blessed the marriage will be after you, too, also Fight for your marriage!