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Freedom from violation for me meant more than a movement. As a human trafficking survivor, I wholeheartedly embrace strategic measures which curtail the free-for-all criminal predators who exploit and profit from illicit and depraved acts against humanity have had in this nation. It has been my mission through the founding of Beulah’s Place to rescue victims of human trafficking as well as those who have been abandoned and abused in other perverse ways.

As a human trafficking survivor, I wanted the opportunity to heal, to succeed on my own terms and to prosecute fully, if possible, my predators, and to not be classified as needing special rights and funding. Like every other U.S. citizen, I was born with certain unalienable rights. At least I thought so. I have never looked for any person or organization to give me something I didn’t earn or work for, to include me in any political agenda, to hide lack of responsibility under the guise of “because you’re a victim you deserve everything handed to you,” and I chose to make my corner of the world – albeit small – a better community at large.

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Human Sex Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out