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March 17, 2017
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Emerald Heritage Founder, Entrepreneur Lyn Nelson Message this Saint Patrick’s Day

Future generations will always know that Irish is their heritage.

 Emerald Heritage, Founder Lyn Nelson

(Island of Ireland) Emerald Heritage was founded by entrepreneur and businesswoman, Lyn Nelson. It was formed by Irish people and for the Irish people in response to the erosion of both Ireland’s landscape and aspects of the shared culture. This Saint Patrick’s Week, Emerald Heritage, is asking the global Irish family to ‘Go Green’ this St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2017 and turn Ireland into the Emerald Isle once again! Lyn Nelson stated..”Without them coming home to own their land again, Ireland is at risk of complete and utter deforestation. We are calling the Irish home again.” 

Founder, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur Lyn Nelson is for women’s opportunities around the world. Nelson was completely broken, paralysed, lost everything she owned, had a troubled life but came through it. She has risen to be an established business owner on the International stage. She believes in giving women a voice to their passion.

Nelson’s main goal is to empowering the Irish to take back their land and  to protect it for future generations. In doing so and by inheritance of their land they can ensure that their own future generations, will always know that Irish is in their heritage. Nelson commented…”All I did as a businesswomen and entrepreneur is provide them with a platform to enable them to do so. My interest in business has always come from, solving problems and helping others. That’s what gets me up in the morning, the will to make a difference. They need to grab this legacy, that they can be part of with both hands and quickly.”

Ireland is the least wooded country in Europe with just 1% of the native woodland remains. Centuries of unchecked development has resulted in this devastating statistic and unless something is done the landscape, together with the plants, birds, and animals that call it home, will be lost forever. “Our country is crying out, and we are running out of time….We refuse to rely on Governments grants or donations, preferring instead to involve the community at large.  It is in our blood and culture – If we Irish see something that needs to be done, we just do it! Now, is the time for the Irish community to stand together”…said founder and entrepreneur Lyn Nelson

Emerald Heritage’s unwavering commitment to this goal has led to the creation of the souvenir plot scheme. Pulling our resources to purchase land in the Glens Of Antrim set about to safeguard the natural beauty of the island. After much demand and to help Irish families act and reconnect with the land they love Emerald Heritage recently introduced the chance to purchase family plots dedicated to the legacy and heritage of the land.


ABOUT Emerald Heritage: Emerald Heritage’s vision is to have hundreds of acres of protected woodland that can leave an indelible mark, creating a natural wonderland of woodland trails for everyone to enjoy. Emerald Heritage was developed in response to the crisis and the need to raise much needed funds to purchase, conserve and restore the Irish land.

ABOUT Lyn Nelson: “To cut a long (centuries old) story short, we are trying to protect and enhance Ireland’s beautiful landscape.” Lyn Nelson was born and raised on the north coast of Ireland. More than a decade ago, Lyn first came to learn about this serious situation, facing the native Irish woodlands, and how deforestation over hundreds of years, have impacted so dramatically the landscape. “I have travelled extensively and always been struck by the legions of people who were immensely proud of their Irish heritage. I believe that Emerald Heritage can give direction to that Irish pride, to provide an opportunity to play an active role in preserving the homeland that is special to many.”