Joyce Im Bartholomew, a Christian and YouTube recording artist shares her heart with the families across America, this Father’s Day. Her new music video debut, Please Forgive Me, was highlighted on The Christian Broadcast News and now with more than 3 million views is raising the bar for faith, family and culture. “No matter what you have done, we can ask God to please forgive me. We have all mocked Him and how much He has forgiven us.”….said Joyce Im Bartholomew.

“For so long, I denied Your existence A slave to my sinful desires I rebelled and resisted I stood by, as if You were my enemy I watched as the thorns cut in I was part of the mockery….Please forgive me I have sinned Gone astray Please forgive me I need Your mercy I been doin’ things my own way.” 

Bartholomew’s new music video release highlights a father and daughter relationship from the pain of the past, years of life behind bars both literally and figuratively. The freedom from the forgiveness and then healing depicts the story of Christ’s death and forgiveness for ours to live a life of freedom.  The story Ms. Bartholomew chose to highlight in this music video debut impacts the daily walk of faith, as we take up the cross to follow Jesus Christ. With this comes the forgiveness of the past and the truth which has set us free. 

Ms. Bartholomew has been featured on The Christian Broadcast Network, EWTN Pro- Life Weekly, LifeZette, The David Webb Show — SiriusXM, One America News Network, EWTN Morning Glory,, The Good News with Angie Austin, Daybreak USA and LifeSite News