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For Immediate Release
Monday, July 30, 2018
Contact: Eden Gordon Media

Kids At Risk Action (KARA) and nationally recognized speaker, Mike Tikkanen offer colleges & universities a powerful tool for building awareness and support for abused and traumatized children in their community. The INVISIBLE CHILDREN campus Community Program is a catalyst starting conversations about trauma and abuse with the goal of improving the lives of at-risk children where you live.

KARA’s INVISIBLE CHILDREN program collaborates with colleges and universities to educate students, departments, and the community creating awareness for ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the critical issues impacting at-risk children.

The INVISIBLE CHILDREN campus program creates volunteer opportunities and organizes workshops & presentations tailored to educate the community about the conditions of at-risk children where you live.

Mike Tikkanen stated….”The community collaboration and volunteerism component to the campus project is key for our nation to adopt if children are to be safe, schools to improve and prison populations and preteen pregnancies be reduced.”

Kids At Risk Action (KARA) is a voice for abused and neglected children based in Minnesota and leads the national stage. Founder Mike Tikkanen’s most recent opinion article “If You Knew: The Effects of Child Abuse on a Developing Brain” was featured on and highlights the devastating data that effects victims of abuse.

About Kids At Risk Action (KARA):
KARA was created to initiate community conversations and to engage citizens in discussions about the traumas suffered by neglected and abused children and the impact they are having on our communities. Since inception nearly two decades ago, KARA has engaged principals, teachers, social workers, lawyers, judges, police officers, parents, students, health professionals, and the larger community in discussions about child abuse and trauma.

About Mike Tikkanen: 
Former president Minnesota Entrepreneurs Club, businessman, national speaker, CASA guardian ad-Litem volunteer, founding board member of CASAMN, CASA CARES, and Kids At Risk Action. and author of 1000 articles & the book INVISIBLE CHILDREN.

Tikkanen’s book Invisible Children (Pre-Teen Mothers, Adolescent Felons and What We Can Do About It), published in 2005, focuses on the shameful treatment of vulnerable children and how this impacts American society. For more than a dozen years Tikkanen spoke for abused and neglected children in court as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and has experienced first-hand the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on young children at the hands of their parents and other caregivers.

Mike Tikkanen has been a featured speaker to the United Nations Youth Assembly, the Women Prison Warden’s annual conference, the CASA Reno Conference and the Indiana Foster convention

Mike Tikkanen & KARA, bring to light the profound impact the crisis of childhood trauma is having on our schools, public health, public safety, and neighborhoods and what we can do about it.