‘Not So Politically Correct’ Song Fight For Our Marriage  Hits Over 7 Million Views on YouTube

‘Not So Politically Correct’ Song Fight For Our Marriage Hits Over 7 Million Views on YouTube

‘Not So Politically Correct’ Song Fight For Our Marriage
Hits Over 7 Million Views on YouTube

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February 9, 2017
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(Washington, D.C.) You Tube Recording artist, Joyce Im Bartholomew’s album, Songs From the Deep, highlights the song titled “Fight For Our Marriage” which resonates in the Christian community and has more than 7 Million views on You Tube. Her message for those who are newly married, marriages of many years and marriages facing the challenges of life is to encourage Christians and all people to fight for their marriages. “I want to focus on rebuilding the broken marriages through the power of Christ….”said Bartholomew.

Bartholomew is taking on the politically incorrect extremism in our culture with her “not so politically correct” message of marriage this Valentine’s Day. “Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, let’s serve one another in Christ and “Fight For Our Marriage” for those who are married and want to keep it sacred.”

Bartholomew concluded. “Our nation is at a very crucial time in our culture and the most powerful thing we can do, especially with millions of Christians across the nation, is to unite together and unite for Christ. We can wake up the “sleeping giant” so that we will not be ignored any longer. In fact, we can be a huge force for God’s kingdom if we all come together and stand for whatever God stands for.”

ABOUT Joyce Im Bartholomew: A conservative Christian from the greater Los Angeles area of California, who was singing and performing on stage since the age of eight years old. Her parents are South Korean immigrants and she grew up being heavily influenced by Hollywood. Joyce studied in Chicago, where she met and married her husband of many many years. She also became a professional stage, film, and TV union performer in Toronto, Canada. Following her professional career in Toronto she recorded her debut album in Nashville. In addition to her music, Joyce is a spokesperson for Pre-Born!, a Christian Pro-Life ministry. Joyce and her family live in Naples, Florida. She and her husband Doug are the parents of two teenagers and their two dogs including two chinchillas whom also occupy the home.

Valentine’s Day – Love a Veteran

Valentine’s Day – Love a Veteran

VetREST Valentine’s Day Edition

Our Veterans pay a high price for their service.  Today, our nation, has suffered great loss with 20 veterans a day committing suicide.

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Aside from the cost of separation from family and their homes, they carry the memories of survival… carrying a heavy toll. #LoveourVeterans www.vetrest.org